Fume Ultra Vape VS Fume Extra Vape | Which One is The Better

Fume Ultra Vape

There are three excellent sizes available from the well-known disposable vape pen manufacturer However, the Fume ultra vape and Extra vape are both worth taking into consideration if you’re looking at the smallest of the three. Which device is superior?

Learn About Fume Ultra Vape

The Fume Ultra is a preferred choice for vapers looking for long-lasting vaping experiences. They arrive as a prefilled device with an 8ml flavor pod and a 100mAh internal battery. You may expect to get up to 2,500 amazing vape puffs from the battery alone. It fits well in your coat pocket or bag and is stylish and small.

Learn About Fume Extra Disposable Vape

The Fume Extra is the smallest in size and the initial model in the line. Don’t be fooled by its size, though. Regardless of the tasty e-liquid you choose, it has a lot of punch. Anyone who is trying vaping for the first time will benefit greatly from this gadget.

If you want to stop smoking conventional cigarettes or just need a convenient place to buy disposable vape pens, it’s worth it. The Fume Extra performs admirably as a dependable all-day vape.

Comparison of Fume Ultra And Extra Disposable Vape

What distinguishes the Fume Extra from the Fume ultra vape? To help you decide which one is ideal for your needs, there are a few differences that are worth pointing out.

What is The Primary Distinction?

The Ultra from Fume has the same taste as the Extra but has 1,000 more puffs. Some vape users who want to get more puffs will find this useful. 2,500 puffs, however, can be excessive for novice users who might not use the device frequently.

Features of Fume Ultra Vape

Offer 2500 Puffs:

Anyone looking for a longer-lasting vaping experience would love the Fume Ultra disposable vape, which gives an incredible 2,500 puffs.

Long Lasting Vape:

Speaking of lasting longer, the Fume Ultra will produce a lot of vapor for a much longer period than the Fume Extra.

8ml of e-juice Capacity:

The fume vape flavors of Ultra is a fantastic pre-filled disposable vape with an 8ml capacity for those looking for excellent intensity of flavors.

Offer Three Additional Flavors:

All of the flavors found in the Ultra are also present in the Fume Extra, but the Ultra offers three more tastes.

Cost-Friendly And Small:

The Fume vapes are renowned for their highly effective small size and convenient portability and are known as complex vapes.

Features of Fume Extra Vape

Offer 1500 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vapes:

You receive 1,500 puffs of superior-grade salt nicotine with the Fume Extra, and the quality is exceptional from start to finish.

The Best For Beginners:

Because it requires no maintenance or setup modifications to work, the Fume Extra disposable vape is a fantastic choice for novices. To use it, simply remove the packaging and suck air through the mouthpiece.

6ml of e-juice Capacity:

With a 6ml e-juice capacity, it has a large starting supply compared to other fume disposable vapes.

Greater Option For Giving up Regular Cigarettes:

You will adore the Fume Extra disposable if you’ve decided to quit smoking regular cigarettes. It’s the ideal choice to support your ongoing switch from smoking to vaping!

Take Pleasure in Inconspicuous Vaping:

You may have a discrete vaping experience while out and about thanks to Fume Extra’s low vapor emission.

Know Which One is The Better Option

The Fume Ultra is the better choice for people who vape frequently when given the choice between a Fume Extra and Fume Ultra. Beginners and moderate users benefit most from the Fume Extra. Other than the fact that the Ultra offers a few extra flavors in its pre-filled disposable selection, there isn’t much of a difference between the two.