Step By Step Ice Cream Drawing For 2 Years Olds

Step By Step Ice Cream Drawing For 2 Years Olds

Drawing For 2 Years, Olds Delicious frozen treats come in various forms, flavours, and kinds. Easy Drawing For 2 Years Olds because there is so much space for imagination, learning to build an ice cream cone can be much more enjoyable.

You can discover all the information this article requires to draw an original ice cream cone. With this step-by-step instruction on how to draw an ice cream cone in just six easy stages, you’ll realise how easy and entertaining it can be!

Drawing an Ice Cream in Steps


  • This ice cream cone sketching tutorial
  • Will start with the cone part of the equation. The first step will be considerably easier if you have a ruler to help you.
  • Make two horizontal lines that converge at the base of the little, curled cone.
  • We should go forward because this will serve as the basic structure for your cone, and we will add a lot more information to it in the following sections.


  • Step two is to draw some ice cream on the cone.
  • It wouldn’t be an ice cream cone if there wasn’t any ice cream in the illustration! As a result, in the stage that follows, we will specifically enhance the image.
  • To construct a huge dollop of ice cream on top of the cone, we’ll start by drawing a round, curved line over it.
  • To show how the ice cream extends over the edge of the plate, you can draw four additional, smaller curved lines beneath the top, curved line.
  • Finish the cone’s top by painting a slanted line directly beneath the ice cream before continuing to step two.


  • Now start to fine-tune the details of the cone.
  • We suggested adding additional detail to the cone in the previous section of our guide on how to draw an ice cream cone, so we will accomplish so in this step.
  • For this design, we will use diagonal lines to cover the ice cream cone, as shown in the reference image. In addition, the lines will be spaced fairly closely.
  • Once the design is complete, you’ll be rewarded for your persistence, but this stage demands restraint and steady touch.


  • Finish designing the cone.
  • The planned ice cream cone still needs a few more elements added before being coloured, even if it already looks wonderful.
  • In this section, we’ll finish designing the cone. In essence, you will proceed opposite from how you did it before.
  • The resulting design will resemble the crosshatch pattern seen in the example.
  • Although this stage can call for a little patience, the results will be fantastic.


  • Having arrived at this step, you can complete designing your ice cream cone.
  • Your ice cream cone is nearly finished and ready for colouring, so you can proceed with the instructions in this section of our guide to designing an ice cream cone.
  • Now you have the option to add a couple of your own elements.
  • In our example, we utilised a sequence of dots to represent sprinkles and other toppings, but you could do many other things with this image.
  • Imagine the perfect ice cream cone in your head and draw it.
  • You may add cherries or candy pieces as garnishes to your ice cream cone, and you could even sketch a cool background for it.


  • What decorations and toppings for ice cream cones would you pick?
  • To finish your ice cream cone design, add colour.
  • The fun part of personalising your ice cream cone has here. Drawing your own ice cream cone and adding your own toppings and variants is one way to personalise it.
  • The colours and art supplies you choose will have a big impact on the tone of your painting at this point, so you should let your imagination run wild.
  • Since ice cream cones come in various vibrant and beautiful colours, there are no limitations on what you may do.
  • To make the colours stand out, use vivid pens and colourful markers. If you like a less bright image, use coloured pencils or watercolour paints for a more subdued approach.