The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Abaya Online


Most Abaya designers opt to have online shops rather than physical shops. Online shopping can sometimes be very hectic, especially when buying unique fashion pieces like an Abaya. This guide will cover the basics of buying an Abaya online and how to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Essential Tips for Buying An Abaya Online

Shop from A Secure Website

When choosing the website to shop from is secure. The owners secure almost every popular site, but you have to check whether the URL has HTTPS, as shown in the photo below. The URL should have a lock icon to show that it is secure.

The HTTPS is a security protocol is security protocol or a security certificate issued to websites to secure their connection on the internet. If you see HTTP and not HTTPS on the URL, the website is not secure, and we wouldn’t recommend you shop from it.

Website User Interface

The best shopping websites care about their customer’s experience. They will therefore try to simplify the design of the whole website and ease your navigation to get what you want. You should be able to see clear pictures, menus, and categories of the Abayas from your laptop or mobile device.

Niche-Oriented Deals and Products

Remember that not all shopping sites are good at offering everything. If you are looking for Abayas, it would be best to look for a shopping site offering Islamic Fashion Outfits and offers customization services and occasional deals.

Customer Reviews

Look out for customer reviews from the website to understand what their previous customers say about them. You can also view the reviews on Google or go directly to the product page and see the ratings and comments that the buyers have on the websites.

The reviews will give you an excellent overview of the shopping experience on the website.

Site Policies

It is always great to check some of the site’s policies, such as free shipping and returns, beforehand. Please know how long it takes to ship an item and whether or not the website offers shipment tracking details.

Be extra careful with websites that do not offer returns or exchanges because you might waste your money totally.

Payment Options

Be sure to check all the payment options for any website you are planning to shop from. Some websites offer Cash On Delivery Payment option, while others require you to make the payment before they ship your products.

The website should offer secure payment methods such as internet banking, credit/debit card, and COD, among others. If the site you landed on meets all the above criteria, you can continue shopping.

How To Select The Perfect Abaya Size

Before choosing the Abaya size, you need to know your body shape. You do not want to buy an Abaya that doesn’t fit your body as you would like. Here is how to choose the perfect Abaya based on your body type:

Pear-Shaped Body

You are a pear shape if you have slim arms and shoulders and most of your weight is around your hips, thighs and buttocks. We recommend choosing an Abaya with tight sleeves and a flared bottom from your waist.

Apple-Shaped Body

If you have a top-heavy body, you should opt for the loose-fitting Abaya or a streamlined Abaya that you can easily style. You can choose a butterfly Abaya or a Front open Abaya.

Hour Glass Shaped Body

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, you should go for a loose-fitting Abaya at the top and wide bottom. Choose something to enhance your style while enhancing your personally style while maintaining modesty.

Rectangular Shaped Body 

A rectangular-shaped body is the most common type among women with balanced hips and busts. The waist and bust are often the same measurements, so you can wear any shape of Abaya as long as it fits well

Abayas should also be of the perfect length. Not too long or too short. Maintain the right length to wear heels and shoes while in one.